Imaginary Landscapes Eggs Urban Zen Stop Signs Cape Cod Spring in New York In the Loft With W. Eugene Smith Portraits



As I walk through New York City, one of the most urban landscapes on earth, I am often stopped in my tracks by the interesting way something that is totally man-made visually connects to nature in a powerful way. Magically appearing in front of me is a singular graphic image such as the manhole cover that looks like a Japanese rock garden. Or — the juxtaposition of a bird in flight next to a helicopter, an image taken shortly after 9/11. Or — the back of a traffic stop-sign aglow like the sun. Or — gravel that looks like a mountain range in which a single tree grows.


My natural inclination is to photograph still-life subjects, landscapes, and portraits, all of which require planning, lighting, and a lot of technical knowledge. What is different about this series of photographs is their immediacy and spontaneity. I call this experience an "Urban Zen Stop Sign" because when I am present in the moment, this is a gift that is mine for the taking which I can share with others. "Urban Zen Stop Signs" is an ongoing project, that I hope, will continue for as long as I live.


Manhole Cover, NYC
Pine grove, Wellesley, MA
Narrow opening, NYC
Barbed wire fence
Tree growing in pebbles
Post 9/11: bird and helicopter in flight
Sidewalk, NYC